Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 1 or 2 or is it 3 already?

I notice Roy Hodgson called their Brazil trip "a great adventure" on the beeb from Miami this morning and I feel the same way.

I suppose today is where it really begins but at 3pm this afternoon I'll technically have been on tour for three days already. But in the spirit of a nerdy, lazy and convenient compromise, I'm going to count this as day 2. It'll make it easier to keep track as it is the 2nd June today.

I didn't get much sleep, unsurprisingly, as my circadian rhythms are not tuned into the samba beat yet. Quite the opposite. It's going to be interesting to see how long that takes to correct itself.

Its great traveling in a cloud enabled world where practically every photo and note and communication is recorded out there somewhere and really cannot be lost (potential meteor collisions ignored). Its weird to be tapping this, still in bed here at 6am in the morning and know that in Australia and England my dear friends and family are busying away in completely different time zones.

Ok, a full report on day TWO to follow...

Algirdo in Brazil 2014
Rio (pronounced 'Heeo')

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