Saturday, May 31, 2014

Jet travel is a privilege

It’s about 18 hours since the taxi picked me up and took me away and I have to say I’m loving it. What's up with all these moaning ninnies who complain about flying long distances and how tiring and tedious it all is? I can’t get enough, myself. Ok, the hour waiting in the cold night for Perth Airport to open at 2:30 am wasn’t exactly fun, but even that is part of life’s tapestry. I'll never forget the guy from Cairns and how he single handedly turned on all the heaters for everyone. I look back on it now and smile at the situation and the characters. The “breakfast” dished out on the Qantas flight to Sydney was, what word could I use but… shit, but hey, the bun and the yoghurt was ok. The seat was a bit cramped and I got the short straw being placed in the middle of two fellow passengers but I did still get some sleep. They were both interesting to chat to. The three hours at Sydney airport was a bit boring, it was frustrating that the "free WiFi" didn’t work, but then there was a bar and I had a few bevies that helped me get some shut eye on the flight I’m on now.

This flight has been great so far. A really delicious meal – spicy chicken with cous cous and two little bottles of red wine. I have had chance to do some reading, do a bit of Portuguese revision and watched the whole series of “Destination Brazil” – four documentaries about the 32 teams and stadia at the Word Cup. I have a spare seat next to me and the guy on the other side of that is a fascinating guy from Newcastle University (Australia) going to Edinburgh for a conference on education. The air hostesses have been very generous with the wine and the most stressful activities I’ve had have been to have actually get up, walk six steps, and go to the loo twice. We’re winging our way to Singapore where I’ll be able to stretch my legs a bit more and have a shave and brush my teeth before getting back on for the longest, leg to London.

So, in this emotional roller coaster, this is a good time. I’m feeling very lucky, very relaxed, very privileged. Lucky chap.

(Saturday, 31st May 2014. Somewhere between Sydney and London)

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