Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day 31 - 8th Round of 16 game on the trot goes as expected (just) in Brasilia

"The best World Cup ever" seems an even fairer assessment than before, after the final round of 16 game tonight. Yet again, the favourite won through, but yet again, it was a nailbiter. I could hardly have scripted it better myself to produce the best possible quarter final. (Of course, I'd have England winning Group D, and a Holland v England quarter final.)

I woke up after a good night's sleep (slightly disturbed by a dog again) and had a relaxing morning as Rafael & Daniela's helper came in to do some housework. She kindly did a wash for me too. I spent a couple of hours catching up with blogs and stuff as their delightful little boy, Benico, entertained watching sweet kiddies programs and playing with sweetie toys. I felt privileged to have a small window into their lives.

Then, I was off again. The metro was closed so I caught the bus to the centro bus station this time. There I had a nice omelette and coffee in a religious café - and a nice chat to a few locals. Then, I got a taxi to a bar recommended in Trip Advisor for its beer, but frustratingly, it was closed. So, over to another bar for soft drinks as I watched Argentina do battle with Switzerland.

Green Pathways

Lovely omelette

Info desk

Bar where I watched Argentina v Switzerland

The Tower

The soil is like WA


Up the tower

JK Ponte

Penne soup

My place in the Brazilian 1970 squad

At half time I switched venues to Brasilia Shopping Mall where I bought little Benico a small gift - a little jigsaw puzzle. Pathetic, I know, but it's the thought that counts, right? I watched the second half as even Messi's genius couldn't unlock the Swiss defence. So it went to extra time and so the game continued in deadlock.

I joined a large throng gathered in the shopping centre for the climax. Clearly the majority were against Argentina, but not me. Eventually they got the goal they deserved but the drama wasn't over as Switzerland hit the post with seconds remaining to almost take it to penalties.

After that I walked to the big tower in the centre and had a quick (free) ride to the observation tower to take some pictures. Then, it was a taxi ride to a bar by a lake - the same place I went to last night but this time it was still light so I was able to get some nice photos, including some of the famous JK bridge.

Looking towards the cockpit from the tail

I ordered spag bol but got a strange penne in a watery soup. Not very nice really. I had one pilsner before having two very tasty caiprinhas, one strawberry and one standard lime.

I had a nice chat to some English, Australian and Canadian fans as Belgium hammered away at the US goal. To be fair, the USA had several great chances to win the game too but no-one could doubt that justice was, again, done, as Belgium overcame the US stubbornness in the end to claim a quarter final place versus Argentina.

Then, a taxi back to here and another nice evening of young family atmosphere with Rafael, Daniella and Benico. Sweet.

Tomorrow, I head south and up to Iguacu falls, so it's going to get cold.

I'm not sure if it's the sugar cane liquor but I am feeling a lot better at the moment, so hopefully I've shaken off that weird virus.


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