Friday, July 4, 2014

Day 34 - Iguacu to Curitiba. Quarter Finals Day One

I always find World Cups an anti climax when they get to this stage. For the first two weeks, all 32 teams battle it out. Every day there are two or three or even four games. When it gets to the quarter finals there are only eight teams left and after this just four teams and four matches.

Today I did manage to watch the first quarter final, almost in its entirety, whilst waiting for my plane to Curitiba from Iguacu. It was a dull game with Germany taking advantage of poor defending to get their one Jammie goal. (did Hummel push the defender?)

Germany (yawn) win again

The plane journey was quick and easy (and the last one before I fly out of Brazil after the final) and Mauro, my host in Curitiba kindly came to pick me up and drive me to his really well furnished old flat in the city centre. His mother-in-law, a helper, his niece and then his pregnant wife came over to watch the match too. I didn't want to impose too much so at half time I went off to explore a bit and on Mauro's advice found a cool bar called Jokers where I watched a really good second half. I'm still not quite sure why Columbia had a goal disallowed which would have put them level but David Luis's free kick was indisputable. Sadly, Neymar picked up a nasty back injury and will miss the rest of the World Cup.

Columbia got a late penalty but despite lots of effort they couldn't quite get the equaliser, so jollity and fireworks and honking horns again here.

I decided to get back for an early night  and found the block ok but caused a bit of a scene when I  forgot the apartment no and I tried a couple of flats with the key on the principle of trial and error.


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